Customized versatility

Universal production units for creams, ointments, lotions and liquids, or a complete semisolids plant.

Versatile process lines for the preparation of semi-solid products with viscosities greater than 100,000 mPa·s (cP).

Integrated solutions. Turnkey production plants for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, including production vessels, accessories, such as melting and auxiliary tanks, as well as cleanrooms, utilities and air treatment system.

Consulting. Through dynamic and continuous dialog with the client, our team of experts in chemical engineering and mechanical and electrical processes develop the perfect solution for each project.

Conceptual design for optimal performance. We study personnel and product flows, as well as storage requirements to design the most versatile and cost-effective plant.

Control system. With the customized software designed by AIRPLAN you can automate recipes, record process variables, adjust dosing and manage the heating/cooling process with temperature control. Delivery with CE or UL markings and optional compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations.

Optional Supervision System. Integration of equipment control in a SCADA system for remote control and maintenance support.

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