Powder Filling line

Series KGF Powder Screw-filling Line for Glass Antibiotic Vial

Series KGF powder screw-filling machine for glass antibiotic vial
KGF powder filling machine is the special designed for filling powder. it PLC and servo motor is made in Japan, the filling weight could be adjusted from touch screen, it features of changing filling weight without stop machine, the machine do not fill when there is no vials, and while the filling screw touch with the funnel mouth , the machine also stops. The indicated light will be changed when fault taken on. Use divided disk to convey the vial, so the positioning is good, and structure is simple and reliable. This machine is endowed with big regulation filling volume, lower error, and high output; it can be apply for filling many kinds of powder especially for 10ml-100ml powder.

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  • Producer: Rotech