Eyedrop filling

DSG 2/80 drip eye liquid filling and rotating-cap machine are control by PLC, wriggle pump to measure filling. It has many functions of auto filling, auto adding inside stopper, capping, rotating-cap. It's the new generation equipment of eye ointment production of pharmaceutical industry. The machine can also be used to the production of filling, adding stopper, rotating-can and labeling small dosage liquid in other industry.

.Computer control filling quantity, wriggle pump fill, easy operation.
.Easy to clean, sterilize, no pollution.
.Can set filling dosage without stopping the machine.
.No bottle, no filling. Filling part  has the shrinking function against dripping after filling.
.Auto count, can adjust speed freely.
.Adopts cylinder to auto add inside stopper. Press outside cap.
.Set torque-rotating cap, the quality of rotating cap is reliable, no loose.
. One machine auto finishes twin needle filling, twin track stopper-adding, twin track cap adding and  cap-screwing.
.Can install 100-class laminar flow protection device according to the user’s requirements.
.The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirements.

Additional Info

  • Category: FILLIMG LINE
  • Producer: Rotech