Purified Water (PW)

The Phrmtech series adopt the RO & EDI technologies for the production of the purified water. The system which feature are compact, easy-to-use system controller, modular design and short installation times, includes the following components:

  • Raw-water pretreatment equipment — the suspended particles and organic substances removal to comply with the standard of the feeding water
  • Automatic regeneration water softener in series — Deduction of the Ca and Mg levels
  • Fine-filter — the suspended particles of over 5um removal
  • Reverse Osmosis System — Most of the salt, TOC and SiO removal
  • EDI modules — extreme reduction of the CO2, CI and SiO levels
  • Integration control system and monitoring system — fully automatic execution and monitor on-line

Additional Info

  • Category: WATER SYSTEM
  • Producer: Rotech